Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Rob (Before He Died)

Ok, I’m scared. I am fighting off a gigantic cyborg raven. Don’t laugh. It may seem funny, but it is really serious. My soldiers are dead. I am the only one left. A laser hit my shoulder and it stings badly. 

I told the kids to run, but they didn’t. They listened, but Wyatt didn’t. He ran toward the monster and shot at it with a laser gun. I yelled at him and he ran back. That got me distracted. 

When I looked back, the raven’s giant claw was grabbing at me and then, the next thing you know, the claws are stabbing into me. They were slowly sinking more and more until I couldn’t breathe, so I screamed. That was when the raven knew to stop holding me. It dropped me and I fell to the ground. I heard Dylan scream my name. I saw him try to run over to me. Finn didn’t let him go. I saw Dylan was mad at Finn and he tried hard to help me. Finn was right. Dylan could’ve been killed by the raven, too. Dylan eventually got close to me, so I threw a bomb in his direction. It wasn’t too close, but enough to knock him back several feet. 

The bomb I threw was specialized to knock people back. It is called a gravity shifter. It shifts the direction of gravity. The gravity direction changed and made him “fall” in that direction. One thing was that the gravity shifter was too close to me, so it exploded. I squinted and looked away when the bomb exploded. 

“At least that giant bird will die,” I thought. The fire burned me, so I yelled loudly.