Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The Trade

One of the soldiers was different from the rest. He was wearing a different colored uniform and was standing in front of the other soldiers. I guessed he was of higher rank. By his side was Wyatt. He looked frightened. 

I saw him mouthing, “Help me!”

The officer was holding Wyatt by the arm. “Ich habe einen Deal (I have a deal)!” yelled the officer.

“Was willst du (What is it)?” Rob said back. They were speaking a different language. I was guessing that he learned to speak different languages in military training.

“Ich werde dir den Jungen geben, wenn du mit uns kommst (I will give you boys if you come with us)!” the officer said.

“Fein (Fine),” said Rob as he walked toward him. The soldier pushed Wyatt forward. Rob motioned for Wyatt to run to us. We watched as the officer put handcuffs on Rob. 

“What are they doing?” Wyatt whispered. Rob looked at us grimly. 

“They traded you for Rob!” Finn exclaimed at Wyatt as he was about to run to the soldiers. Wyatt stopped him and held him back. Finn looked at Rob. Rob shook his head. 

The soldiers marched away with Rob. Finn ran over to the soldiers. They shoved Finn down to the ground and pointed their guns towards Finn. The soldiers turned back and marched off. Finn sat there and watched them take Rob.