Chapter 27

Chapter 27


I was running around in the forest with my friends and I got lost. I stayed there and prayed that they would find me. I have been waiting for an hour. I decided to get my phone and text Mary. I sent a text, hoping that she would see it.

That was the last text I read. The Nazis found me. I dropped my phone. I yelled and kicked, but they wouldn’t let go of me. They handcuffed me and led me into a small aircraft.

“Let me go you idiots!” I yelled at the gas masked soldiers.

They just sat in silence. After about thirty minutes the craft stopped and the door opened. The soldiers led me out and into an empty room. With a two chairs and a table. That was all.

“Stay here.” A soldier ordered.

There was a mirror in the room. I am not stupid enough to know that it was a one-way mirror. He was probably there right now. 

“Hi, there,” I looked around, trying to see where the voice had come from. 

“What’s your name, kid?” it asked. 

“Finn,” I answered stupidly. I shouldn’t have told them my name. 

“Finn, I really don’t want to hurt you,” he continued. 

“Yeah, right,” I replied cursing loudly at him. 

“Just tell me where the files are and I will end this war,” he demanded. 

“I don’t know,” I lied. I knew Dylan had the files. 

“I know one of you do have what I want.”  

“If so, then they haven’t told me,” I replied. 

“I know he has it,” said a different voice. 

“If he doesn’t tell you, make him feel pain!” the other voice continued. The first voice didn’t respond. I was scared. I don’t want to die! 

“No,” the first voice said over the intercom. 

“What do you think you’re doing?” the other voice asked. 

“This is the only way to get your family back,” 

“But what if he’s innocent, Klaus?” I told him. 

“He’s not,” the Klaus guy replied. Then, there was silence for a couple of seconds. 

All of a sudden, guards came in and put weird metal rings on my wrists. Franz stepped through a door with a slick smile.