Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Das Monströs Flugzeug

“Now, I will talk to you personally,” Franz said. 

“What are these?” I asked. 

He sighed and waited for a second. 

“Your punishment,” he replied eventually. 

“What is it with you and that serum?” I asked. 

“Some secret weapon to wipe out the world?” He chuckled. 

“Why, do you think I’m the villain?” He asked. I laughed him, 

“Are you kidding You fat bi—” 

“I’m not the bad guy!” he interrupted me. 

“I’m just desperate.” 

“Desperate for what? Killing people?” I said laughing.

“For what everyone took away from me!” he yelled at me. I didn’t like how he yelled at me. It scared me a little bit. 

“An American killed my wife and family,”  he explained more softly to my surprise. 

“You’re absurd! You killed my family, my friends’ families!” I exclaimed. 

“You have done much worse than what that person did to you. Not all of us are like him. Do you think your family would’ve wanted this?” I asked him. 

He didn’t answer my question, which made me mad.

“I haven’t killed your family,” he said softly. 

“In fact, I haven’t killed many people. All have just been affected by my experiment. I can bring them back to you once I get the files,” he said. 

“I bet that’s what you say to your dead wife everyday!” He must’ve been really insulted by that.

“What does that serum even do to bring your family back to life? Does it raise the dead or something?” I asked. 

“Actually, yes,” Franz said. 

That surprised me. I was being sarcastic but turned out it was true. Now I could see why Franz wanted it so badly. But he didn’t want it for the war. He only wanted his family back. He was going a little too far, though. I meant he was planning to to wipe out the whole world. That was insane. 

“Friedrich, a former friend of mine, helped me make this until he betrayed me. He said that there was a chance it wouldn’t work and that it could create a disease so strong that a whole country could be wiped out clean in a little longer than a week.” 

I thought about that. It would take a short time for the world to be wiped out entirely. 

“I tried to get the files when I broke into a secret German facility for equipment, but Friedrich was there and stopped me,” he explained. 

“He’s right, you should’ve stopped. You could wipe out the world.”

“I need my family back,” Franz hissed. 

“But you’re putting the world at stake just to bring your wife back?” I questioned him. 

“Have you ever heard of true love?” he continued. 

“It was our destiny to be together! We lived happily, until Frank Johnson set our house on fire!” I muttered a curse. 

“Surely you have someone you would do the same for, right? Do you have someone you would give up the world for?” he asked me. 

I thought of Mary. I would give up the world for her. 

I nodded at him, “I have someone.” 

“Excellent! You understand me! Will you join me or not?” I thought hard about this hard. If Mary died, I could save her! No, I can’t do that. 

“No, I would never join you, you villain!” I scowled. Franz smiled at me. That’s when the siren rang. It was so loud that it pierced my ear drums like listening to thousands of rock concerts at once.

“Was zum Teufel ist das (What the h— is that)!” yelled Franz. 

The soldiers beside him just shrugged. Then another soldier burst into the room. He was very skinny and wasn’t wearing a helmet. 

“Herr Hitler,” he said in a high pitched German accent. 

“Ein kleines Schiff hat unseren linken Flügel angegriffen (A small ship attacked our left wing).” 

“Warte einfach (Just wait),” Franz replied. 

“Ich sagte ihm, dies zu tun (I told him to do this),” the man continued. 

Then came a loud bang and I heard loud clunking footsteps on the metal floor of the halls. More soldiers, I thought. Eric and Mario from the plane crash walked in. Eric held two snipers and Mario had a Swiss Army Knife. 

“Give us the boy,” Eric demanded. Mario kicked one of the soldiers and stabbed his knife into the black thick suit. Eric kept his guns pointed at Franz. Franz looked at the gun and scowled.

“I’ll give you the boy if you don’t shoot,” Hitler replied.

Franz unclipped the cuffs around my wrists and pushed me over to Eric. Mario pulled me in and pointed his switchblade at the Nazi general as we we ran away. As we ran, I saw where we were through the windows. We were in a humongous aircraft. Eric helped me climb through a hole in the side of the metal wall. Mario went in next and Eric went last. Everyone was inside, including the two other plane crash survivors.

“I heard there are more survivors to the south, just about fifty miles,” said Eric. 

We closed the hatch that led us on to the ship and set off for the survivors. While we riding, Mary came over to me. 

“That was so close,” she said. 

“You could have died in there.” 

“He’s not doing this for a reason you’d expect,” I told her. 

“He just wants to find a cure to bring his family back to life. The only cure is unstable and could create a disease that could wipe out a whole country in about a year.” 

Mary grimaced. 

“Yeah, we’re glad to have you back,” Ava commented. 

I noticed that the craft we were in was nothing like I had seen before. 

“What is this?” I asked Eric. 

“It’s a helocarrier,” he answered. 

“New vehicles that haven’t been publicly used as much lately. They are hard to make and are still not stable. Engineers are still working on them. They’ve mostly been used for military uses. It seems I found an abandoned, Nazi helocarrier,” I nodded.

Soon, we arrived at a large field where I saw groups of people clustered together. They were other survivors! Other people were still alive! We landed amidst the crowd.