Chapter 33

Chapter 33


I woke up on the water. Then, our situation came back to me. The Japanese General was actually working for the Nazis and he accidentally shot a bomb. I looked around and saw fire. Parts of the boat scattered in the water. I noticed bright yellow lifeboats with the medical cross on each. Was I safe?

I heard yelling and noticed the people on the boat waving to me. Two men dressed in medical suits jumped into the ocean swimming my way. 

“Help!” I yelled as started to fall below the surface of the water. I knew at the one moment how I was going to end. The light was leaving my sight and darkness fell all around me. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer. I closed my eyes and waited for my end, but I felt strong hands grip around me and pull me to the surface. They tugged me over to the nearest lifeboat.

Once I was pulled onto the lifeboat, I noticed that Wyatt, Finn, and Jacy were already on it. I sat down and breathed slowly. I sputtered out water and one of the medics gave me a rag to dry off with. Finn had a piece of shrapnel stuck in his leg. I asked him what had happened. He grimaced and said that after the explosion happened a metal shard had been lodged into his leg. A medic was treating him. It was a lady with a kind comforting smile. It reminded me of Rob. I frowned. Every time I remembered him, the depression came back to me. His face was covered in blood. I wiped my face and noticed I was covered in blood, too.

Wyatt said Ernest, Mary, and Ava were on a different lifeboat. Eric was there on our lifeboat, too. He looked rather gloomy. I asked him what was on him mind. 

“Oh, nothing,” Eric insisted. I didn’t believe him. 

“We’re headed back to Japan,” a man with a large bushy beard said. 

“We may have to stay on these boats for about another day and then we’ll find another cruise ship. It seems General Lang was a traitor.” 

The thought of Rob came back. Everywhere I looked, memories of Rob came back to me. Eric’s sniper used to be Rob’s. One of the medics had dark brown eyes just like Rob and Jacy’s brown hair brought more memories of the kind friendly man. I would never forget him. He would always come back to me in my sleep.   

I was lost in thought, but reality came back when someone screamed. I looked around to see who had screamed and saw a wet injured man holding a gun on one of the boats. 

General Lang spoke, “Which one of you has the files?” 

He was bleeding and his clothing was ripped, tattered, and scorched from the explosion. 

“You will each fall if you don’t give me Code Leben right n—” he started, but a loud noise interrupted him. He had been shot by someone. He dropped his gun and fell back into the ocean. That was awfully close, but who had shot him?