Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Code Leben

It was a small cramped dark room. A small computer awaited on a desktop. Nothing else was on the desk, just the computer. 

“Plug your phone into this cord here,” Prime Minister Akamine said and I did what he wanted. I looked at my friends, a little concerned. The Prime Minister pressed a button on the corner of the monitor and the machine hummed to life. A light filled the room as the screen turned on. A small file symbol was on the screen. I opened the file. All that appeared next was a small microphone icon. I looked at the Prime Minister for assurance. He nodded. I turned back to the old computer monitor and clicked on the microphone. It took several seconds to load, but soon it turned on. 

“If you are listening to this,” the voice started in a German accent. 

“You may be in great danger. My colleague and dear friend, Franz Hitler, are after this file. This file holds the structure of a serum I call Code Leben that can bring one that is dead or not yet alive to come to life. 

“It is one of the most greatest goals and so far I have partially completed it. It is still not stable, though. The serum, if kept in one body, will bring that body back to life. If that person is not yet dead, the serum will create a virus that could possibly spread and wipe out the whole world in months. 

“The virus can travel far distances, multiplying in the process. That symptom of the serum cannot be cured. I have tried and tried, but still can't find a cure to the virus. However, Franz is desperate for it. He will search for it with all his might, and if he uses the serum in the wrong way, devastation will reign. It is called, Leben or life in English. It was supposed to bring life to the fallen, but, of course, this serum can kill, too.” 

Just then, a loud bang came from the recording and I noticed what it was. A gunshot. Then, I heard Franz’s voice. 

“Friedrich!” the voice yelled. “Where are you?” 

Then, the other man’s voice, probably Friedrich’s, yelled back, 

“The serum is not ready yet. It is dangerous en—”

The voice ended as another gunshot sounded. The man was dead. He must’ve hit a button right before he died, because the recording ended. Below the microphone was a small paper icon. I clicked it. A picture appeared and seemed to be the serum’s structure. I stared at it in horror. If it went into the wrong hands, it could kill us all.

Franz is an idiot! He killed his best friend for some stupid files that could end us all! That is dumb! I would never kill my friend for something as stupid as that. The others looked scared. We exited the room and Sora came over to us. He asked Prime Minister Akamine if he was ok. 

“Get the files to a secure facility where no assault, cyber and physical, will be able to pass! Destroy the phone if you have to!” the Prime Minister said with a worried expression. 

The Prime Minister passed my phone to Secretary Saito and he took it away with three soldiers following behind.

We drove back to the hotel. I was tired and tried to take a nap, but couldn’t. I left the hotel room and knocked on Ava’s hotel room door. She answered looking tired, 

“That serum thing is stupid!” I just looked at her. 

“Got that right,” I finally replied.