Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The 3rd War

I am Franz Hitler, the great grandson of Adolf Hitler. I may be a part of his bloodline, but I am not an evil. I have a reason to attack those Americans. They destroyed my life. My poor, poor, Hannah. She was killed by one of them.

It happened about 5 years ago. I was a general of the German Navy. I was wealthy, joyful, and had everything I had ever dreamed for. A wife, a mansion, and my young children. Then, that horrid Frank Johnson, an American, snuck into Germany with two bombs. He came to my house late at night and set fire to everything I had ever cared for. My family. My house. My life was in ashes. That’s when I saw what those atrocious Americans truly were. They were not our allies. They were monsters. Thieves. Terrorists. They all were just like Frank. So, I planned to get my revenge. 

I quit my job, broke into a secret German facility with files of instructions on how to build new military weaponry no one had ever thought was even possible, and restarted what my great grandfather had started. I felt so proud. If only my family could see me now. I trained elite German soldiers that wanted to join my newer, better army. I used the files that I stole to create the strongest weaponry and equipment ever. The Nazi was anew as the strongest army yet among the world. They will pay for the death of my family. 

They will feel the pain I felt when I lost my family. We will be unstoppable! I will dictate the whole world and claim everything as mine. I could have cities, even countries! I can bring my family back to life and live happily ever after. I can do whatever I want. Just me, my family, and the brand new Nazis. I will avenge my family for what that horrid American did.