Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Fall of Tokyo

I screamed for Finn to go faster. Finn looked back at the creatures, went wide-eyed, and punched the gas pedal. I kept a lookout at the beasts as they came closer and closer. I could slightly make out a dog like form. I noticed that there had no fur. The only thing they had on their skin were shiny scales glistening in the moonlight. At once, when one was close enough, it jumped up trying to bite at Jacy. I could make out that one perfectly well. Yes, it did have the posture and shape of a dog, but it also resembled that of a large lizard. 

“C’mon!” I yelled urgently to Finn.

Another creature hopped upon the back of the truck and screeched at Wyatt pouncing forward. He kicked it away with his thick boots (they were pretty easy to kick away because of their size), but every time he did, more would scramble onto the back of the truck. Eventually, Wyatt was pulled off the automobile by one of the reptilian creatures.

The raptor started to peck at his face, leaving long scratches among it. Finn looked back at Wyatt. His face was in shock when he saw Wyatt getting attacked by the tiny raptors/large lizards on the ground. He made a sharp U-turn muttering angrily under his breath and drove straight into the creatures. They shrieked and moved (or hit by the truck if they didn’t) out of the way. 

Wyatt attempted to climb on, but he couldn’t. He screamed for help. Jacy, Ernest, and I helped Wyatt up. Finn made another turn and drove away. As we drove though, I noticed something was wrong. The raptors had stopped chasing us but just watched as we sped away.

A soldier in another truck yelled to us from his vehicle. 

“Is there an adult in there with ya’?” We shook our heads. 

“Lemme help ya’ then,” said the soldier.

He got out, asked another soldier to drive his truck, and came over to our truck. We quickly scrambled into the back of the truck as the soldier took the driver’s seat. The soldier pressed the gas pedal and we sped away from the Nazi helocarriers behind. Shrieks rang out as the reptilian creatures got farther and farther behind.

I sat at the back of the truck with Ernest and Wyatt. Finn and Mary sat in the front seat next to the soldier. Eventually, the glowing neon lights of Tokyo that were originally just shimmers on the horizon loomed over us like watchful parents. We were safe. Or so we thought. 

The soldier spoke into an intercom upon his jacket and nodded, turning the truck towards the center of the city. I looked back and saw the Nazis closing in pretty fast. The good thing was that they were still just blips of darkness in the distance. We stopped at the government center while the other trucks drove on to the shelters. 

“Why are we here?” asked Mary. 

“Da Prime Minister wanted ya here, so this is where I brought ya,” the soldier answered. 

He led us inside. The Prime Minister walked up to us. Secretary Saito was at his side with papers overflowing in his arms. 

“Sir!” the secretary said. 

“I need you to sign these contracts!” the Prime Minister ignored him and greeted us with a warm smile. 

“The files,” he said holding forth his large wrinkled hand. I placed the USB drive carefully on the man’s palm and Prime Minister Akamine closed his hand tight to insure that it would not be lost. He led us to the large elevator and we hopped in. We got to the top room where many men and women were sat at desks rapidly typing on computers. The screen at the front of the room held a video of the large aircraft Franz owned. 

“Some of our specialists are spying on its whereabouts,” said the Prime Minister. 

“It seems to be coming for Tokyo. We need to act quickly.” 

We were headed to the back of the room when a loud sound seemed to blast from outside. It was deafening. I turned and saw outside the large window on the left wall of the room a sleek black jet. And it was coming straight towards the tower. It broke the sound barrier as it blasted towards us. I screamed and closed my eyes, ready for impact. The explosion knocked me off my feet and I hit the wall very hard. I tried to wake up, but consciousness kept slipping away. C’mon, get up, I told myself. Eventually, I opened my eyes and looked around. It was painful, but I did it anyway. The plane was in flames, crashed upon the room hurting and killing many people. Dead and unconscious workers laid upon the crash. 

“Guys,” I tried to yell, but came out as an inaudible mumble. 

“Dylan!” I heard a voice call. It was Ernest. He came over with Finn, Wyatt, and Jacy and helped me up. 

“We only survived because we were on the other side of the room. Farthest from the crash,” he explained. 

“But why would someone just crash their plane on purpose?” Jacy asked, skeptically.

 “I don’t kn—” I was interrupted by the rumble of something moving beneath the crash. A hand shot out from the wreckage. 

“What the heck!” Wyatt cursed afterward. The hand pulled forth a body from the debris. It was a Nazi soldier. Two more came forth uninjured and ready for action. Impossible, I thought. The soldiers readied their weapons and cocked them. They were about to shoot when a couplet of Japanese guards rose to their feet and stood in front of us, their guns ready, too. 

The Japanese guards shot from their sniper rifles, but the bullets did not harm the Nazi soldiers. Their suits must have been really thick and bulletproof because the bullets just fell to the ground. No harm done to the Nazi combatants. 

“Run!!” the guards commanded us. And we did. We climbed up a crumbling staircase to the next floor. It was the roof. 

“Where do we go?” yelled Finn over the loud gunshots from within the building. 

“There is nowhere to go!” I screamed. I went to the side of the stone floor and looked out. The giant raven creatures were terrorizing the city. Down the roads the small lizard creatures sniffed the ground. Both the bird beast and the reptilian creatures seemed to be searching for something. But for what? Us, I thought. We were so focused on the scene below that we didn’t notice when a little metallic ball landed behind us. Ava must have heard it because she turned and yelled. 

“Watch out!” she screamed. We all turned and saw the ball as it released a small stream of black gas. It filled up my nostrils and watered my eyes as I fell to the ground. I got back up, but I couldn’t. I fell down again as the room went dark.