Book 2: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Hong Kong

“Why do you deny these machines to be released now?” asked Jaidoh Thompson. 

“Because they aren’t ready, son,” said Jaidoh’s father and prime producer of Jaidoh’s invention. They both sat across from each other, at a long marble table in Hong Kong. Many other people were there, mostly men and women who had been part of the creation and publication of the OverSeers. However, The Prime Minister of England was there, too with Hong Kong Chief Executive, Josh Tookins, and Thomas Freddy, prime head of the Reconstruction. 

“I am with your father, Jaidoh,” said Freddy, staring grimly at Hisen Thompson’s son. 

“I am eager to speed up the pace of the Reconstruction, but there is a chance this might slow it down. We need to wait until we are sure they are safe to bring to North America.” Jaidoh sighed. “They are safe,” he objected. 

“They have been tested over and over again, and we have found and fixed every flaw they have.” 

“Are you sure?” Dr. Freddy interrupted. “Yes, I’m sure,” Jaidoh answered seeming sure of himself. 

“What do you think Chief Executive?” said Thomas

“I agree with Dr. Freddy, Jaidoh,” said the Chief Executive. 

“What if I give you money?” Jaidoh asked.

“Jaidoh!” said his father. 

“How much?” the Chief Executive asked.

Jaidoh grinned.

“Don’t do this, Jaidoh,” said Hisen.

“Amounts beyond your wildest dreams, Mr. Tookins,” said Jaidoh.

“I will make sure your machines are published as quick as possible,” said the Chief Executive.

“Josh, you don’t know what you’re doing,” Thomas said.

“Freddy, this is not about safety anymore,” Said Tookins. “Life is about 4money.”

Freddy Thomas growled.

“You’re not my boss,” Tookins continued. “I make my own choices.”