Book 2: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The Rally

I contacted Sora, that at least Jacy was coming. Ava still hadn’t said if she was going to the Prime Minister’s funeral or not. I sat and stared at my phone in my dorm room, waiting for Ava. Just staring. No reply. Just a blank screen was on my iphone XXII. I had had it since the war. Soon, I gave up and found Ernest in the living room. He was watching TV eating a bunch of Cheez-its.

“D’your girlfriend answer?” He asked, not looking away from the TV. 

“She’s not my girlfriend! That was, just what I called her, when I had a crush on her in sixth grade!” 

“Oh, sure,” he said. “I saw how your jaw dropped when you saw Ava at Starbuck’s.” My anger was rising up inside me like steam in boiling water as he said those words, and right as he’d finished, I went overdrive. I leaped over to him punching him in the stomach, saying some unpleasant things, that I don’t wanna spell out on here. 

Then, I heard the sirens. And the yelling. I got off Ernest, and we both peaked out the dorm window. The streets were lined with people holding signs, and yelling at the top of their lungs, while police were trying to calm them down. The signs said things like We Want To Go Home, or No Terrorist Can Stop Me From Going Back To America. 

“Oh shit,” I said. I raced out of the dorm room and down to the first floor. I burst out into the street to find, the police yelling at the people to stop protesting. That’s when I saw him. His bright blond hair shone through crowd, uncombed and shaggy. It turns out, it was Wyatt. He cursed at the police, pointed at the crowd, and yelled something. 

A police officer shook his head. Wyatt threw a punch at the officer. I sprinted through the crowd and grabbed Wyatt’s ragged coat, down before he could hurt the man. He could’ve gone to jail for that. 

“What do you think you’re doing, bi—” I slapped him in the face before he could finish his sentence. 

“I’m helping you. You would’ve gone to jail for attacking a policeman like that.” Wyatt wrenched out of my grip and  ran off. 

I followed him and grabbed him by his arm. I quickly flipped him over and dragged him to an alley. He had scruffy features and a blond goatee. 

“Get off me, bitch,” Wyatt yelled.

“You shouldn’t be doing this,” I said.

“Just let me do what I want,” Wyatt said. “This is my life.”

“I have to tell you something and it isn’t good.”

Wyatt went serious for once and asked, “What is it?” I had to tell him about the funeral,

“Akamine is dead. We’re invited to his funeral, in Kinkaku-ji.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?”

“We tried. That’s why we needed you to meet with us at Starbucks.”

“Oh, so are Ava and Jacy coming?” I flinched for a second when he said Ava.

“Jacy’s coming, but I don’t know about Ava.”

 “What about Jefferson?” Wyatt asked grinning. I sighed. 


“Wittle bitty cwy baby, too?”

“Shut up!” I Yelled.

“Sorry, sorry, bro. I know I shouldn’t be talking about Finn like that, but he still is a cry baby.” Wyatt said raising his hands in innocency.

“In his defense, one of his friends died right in front of him.” I said. Finn had gone through a lot.

“So will you come?”

“Sure,” Wyatt said.


I was about to text Sora, when Wyatt interrupted.

“Under one condition,” Wyatt said.

“What condition?”

“A private jet with loads of Tequila.”

“Already done,” I said.

“Wonderful,” said Wyatt, clapping his hands together. “Can’t wait to see nerd boy again.”