Book 2: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Wittle Bitty cwy baby

I knocked on Finn’s dorm door. I was kind of jealous of him. He didn’t have a roommate. He had the whole dorm to himself. However, I was, sometimes, glad to have Ernest as company. 

Finn opened, the door. He had blond hair, a little less pale than Wyatt’s and eyes that had used to be a bright wonderful blue, but were now a dull blue/grey color. His hair was pushed to the side, with the sides of his hair shaved, neatly combed, unlike everyone else’s. “Hey,” he said. 

“How’ve you been,” I asked.

“I’m doing well,” he said. “Come on in.”

I came in followed by Ernest. He had a small chapter book in his hands that he had gotten from the paper library. He said he would read the whole time and not say a peep, and forced me to talk Finn into coming to the funeral.

“So...” I started.

“I know,” he said. “I got Ava’s text. I can’t come.”

“What?” I said, surprised of his answer.

“I have something going on next week. Sorry.”

“Surely, it isn’t as important as the funeral.” I insisted.

“I don’t know. I might be able to come,” Finn said thoughtfully, but I got a slight hint that he was lying.

“Ok. Just text me as soon as possible, if you can.”

“Sure,” Finn answered.

“Transportation,” he asked. Since Akamine, requested us, we get special treatment. Private jet, I think. I hope, at least.”


“Wyatt, said he’d come under special conditions. A private jet, and Tequila.”

I grinned, remembering Wyatt. Finn didn’t smile. 

I frowned.

“So, try to come, won’t you?”

“I’ll try,” Finn said.

“Ok,” I said. “We better be going then, Ernest.”

I stood up, Ernest following.

“Bye,” Finn said.

“Oh yeah, bye,” I said.

As Ernest and I left, I heard a ding from my phone.

It was Ava. 

Ava: Fine I’ll be there