Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Wyatt’s Perspective

When this war started, I was kind of scared. Ok, I admit it, I was really scared.  Now I feel more like a brave soldier. I knew if Dylan died I would have to bear much more than the minor deaths, so I toughened up. After the massacre of the war started, we trudged on. I had some really bad cuts and bruises. They would need to be treated with whatever help we could find. I found some paper towels in an abandoned apartment building. After I bandaged up, we started moving faster. After two or three days of barely any food or water, we found something interesting.

I kept walking in the woods until we found another bald spot in the forest. There was something there. It was an abandoned school bus. 

I said, “Let’s see if this thing still works.” 

We walked up through the open bus doors and looked around.

“Nothing here,” I said.

“This is creepy,” Dylan said.

“It might work,” I said.

Finn spoke up. “Thats crazy! An eleven year old driving a bus? No way!”

“Actually, I’m twelve.” said Dylan obnoxiously as a joke.

“I’m driving, though,” I said, pointing to myself. “I’m eleven”

“When were you born? I was born in September,” said Mary.

“January,” I said.

“Ok,” Finn said. “Let’s vote. You can’t vote for yourself. Who do you want to drive?”

I voted for Dylan.

“Thanks, Wyatt.” I nodded to him.

“What about me?” asked Ernest.

“Sorry Ernest, but I vote Ava,” said Dylan.

“Ava?” Ernest asked. “I thought you would vote for Wyatt. Even at the least, you could’ve picked Finn!”

“I guess I will go with Wyatt,” Ernest said. Ava then voted Dylan. Mary voted Finn and Finn voted Mary.

“I have the most votes,” Dylan said.

“You and Ava voted for me, so I have 2 votes. Mary and Finn voted each other, so they both have 1 vote. Ernest voted you, so you only have 1 vote. But no one voted Ernest,” he explained.

“It’s obvious why Jefferson didn’t get any votes. He’s a nerd,” Finn said.

“Hey! Leave him alone jerk!” Dylan said.

“What are you going to do about it?” Finn said back.

“I am gonna kick your a-”

“Break it up guys!” I said. The two glared at each other, nonstop.

Everyone went to grab a seat as I started the ruined bus. Dylan let me drive before him.

“Mary, do you like Finn?” Mary didn’t answer. A few seconds later, she nodded. Ava smiled. 

“What about you and him?” Mary said, pointing to Dylan. This was getting good! Ava just smiled and looked away.

“We’ll talk about this later,” I said smirking my head off. For a few minutes, Ava stayed quiet.

“Dylan, do you like Ava?” Ernest whispered. 

“Yes,” Dylan said quietly so Ava couldn’t hear.

“Ha Ha Ha!” I laughed hysterically.

“Can we get going yet?” Ernest asked.

“Um, sure!” Dylan said to change the subject quickly.

“Ok, let’s figure out how to start this thing.” said Ava. 

“Um, move that to drive and push on the gas!” Finn said. 

“Wait, what?” I yelled but it was too late. We were going a hundred miles per hour flying through the forest, ripping down trees as we crashed into the forest beside the curb of the road. Everyone screamed and cursed.

“Did you just push the gas pedal to the floor?” Ernest said cursing a lot.

“Maybe. Just buckle up if you want to live. I have never driven before,” I said.

“That is very obvious, Wyatt!” Finn yelled.

“Put on the brakes!” Ernest yelled. Dylan cursed.

“Watch the language!” I yelled back. Dylan cursed again.

“Language!” I yelled.

“Sorry for the language, but you’re really bad at driving!”

“You probably wouldn’t be any better at driving, idiot!” Mary yelled. 

“Shut up!” Dylan yelled.

After a while, Dylan stopped his trash mouth from opening.