Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Back To Franz Hitler

“Sir, we have bad news. Those children escaped the B1 Experiment.” 

When he said this, I got really mad. How could those little kids could survive?

“How many other survivors?” I asked.

“There are only about a couple of thousand.” 

I got angrier and shot the soldier. He fell and died right on the spot. I can use my bombs on those kids. If they survive, I will go  to kill them myself. 

“Schedule a flight for me to Tennessee,” I told my butler.

“Why, sir?” he asked. “There are still people in North America.”

“I know.”

“Master Hitler, why are you going to North America?”

“I will find those six little kids."

He hesitated.

“Schedule my flight, now!!” I yelled. He quickly typed some words on my laptop.

“I have scheduled your flight for tomorrow at 6:00 PM, sir.” 

“Good,” I said.