Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Finn Freaks Out

I actually freaked out when Mary said she liked me. Being immature sometimes usually meant that no one likes you. Mary was different though. She still liked me even though I may not be able to play soccer as well as her, but she knew that I could win the basketball tournament easy peasy.

We just kept looking at each other awkwardly and Dylan would always smirk a little every time we did that. On the bus I chose to sit next to her. Dylan sat on the other side of the bus with Ernest.

Wyatt was a reckless driver, so Mary hung onto my arm which made me feel warm inside.

“Wyatt, stop being such a bad driver!” Ernest yelled. 

When he yelled that, Wyatt stopped driving recklessly and we could actually breathe. We went on. Finally, Wyatt got tired of driving, so we had to stop by the side of the road. 

“Who will drive next?” Wyatt asked.

“Me!” said Dylan.

“Why you?” I asked.

“I had the most votes.”

“Well I want to, too!” Ernest said

“Alright, Dylan will drive first and then—” Wyatt was interrupted by the sound of guns. 

“Get Down!” he yelled. He pulled out the mini cannon and started blasting the men and mutants. 

“Dylan! They are getting closer! Let’s move!” 

“Floor it!” Wyatt screamed and Wyatt was left hanging on for dear life as the doors were still open. Dylan got out of his seat, when Ernest went running down the bus and pushed him out of the way.

“I will drive!” he said excitedly.

“Oh, come on, Ernest!”

“Sorry, but I wanna drive!” Ernest stepped right on the gas pedal and pushed all the way down. This time, we were speeding even faster than a hundred miles per hour!   

“What the f—” 


“This all your fault, Ernest!” Wyatt yelled cursing.  

“If you die Wyatt, I am not taking the blame!” Ernest cried. I got a hold of Mary’s hand and held it tight. I heard a big bomb exploding, and we went crashing through the window and onto the ground. It hurt a lot, but I was still holding Mary’s hand. The thought of that made my pain go away in seconds. We were laying on the ground bleeding. Dylan ran over to us. 

“We gotta go guys!” he told us. I looked at Mary and realized she was unconscious. I checked if she was breathing and she was.

“Phew!” I sighed. 

“Is she alive?” asked Dylan. 

“Why would you care?” I asked rudely.

“Why would I care? I care because I have had enough of this war! Too many people are dying! Seriously, why can’t we all live peacefully and grow up without any war?” 

He wanted the war to end. He wanted to live a normal kid life, but we were far past that point now. We were in warfare. All of a sudden, I remembered Rob. I remembered how I stopped Dylan from saving him. Dylan tried to save him and I stopped him from doing that. The only reason that Dylan shoved me was because I stopped him from saving Rob. I was too caught up in myself to think about others. I only thought about me having a good life. That’s all I cared about. I was just too jealous of Dylan to think about it. I was so jealous that I hated him. 

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Dylan said. I guess I thought about this too much. 

“I can carry Mary,” I said thinking about her again. 

“You have to make a run for it, Finn,” Dylan said thoughtfully.

“I am sure I can carry her,” I said.

“Let’s go!”