Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Back To Dylan

After we finished eating, we looked around for any stuff we could find and use. As we walked, Ernest and Wyatt talked to me. 

“What did you say?!” they both asked in unison.

“None of your business!” I exclaimed.

“Tell me at least a little bit.” Wyatt said.

“No!” I said.

“Unspeakable?” Ernest commented.

“Go talk to her!” Wyatt said.

“No!” I said.

“Too late!” Wyatt said pushing me towards Ava.

“Stop it!” Ava said helping me up. 

“Sorry about that, they are just doing dude stuff,” I explained.

“I know!’ she said. 

“The only thing is that sometimes, I still do “dude” things with them,” I joked. She laughed. 

“Ok good, she laughed. I guess that means I didn’t screw up,” I thought. Wyatt pulled me back.

“What did you say or do?” he asked.

“I just did some talking. I cracked a joke and that’s it,” I explained.

As I was walking, I tripped on a piece of metal. It made a loud noise. We were still pretty close to the camp. We saw soldiers start to run in our direction.

“Run!” I yelled.

“Where do we run?” Wyatt asked. I analyzed the terrain. There was nowhere to hide. I saw a manhole twenty feet ahead of us.

“Quickly, over there!” I commanded, pointing to the hole in the ground

“No way I’m going in there, it looks disgusting!” exclaimed Mary.

“Which is better? Dying clean, or living dirty. We can wash off later!” I replied. 

We ran to the manhole. All at once, we opened the lid. One by one, we jumped in. I closed the lid and told everyone to be quiet. We heard the soldiers talking and we heard their footsteps going off somewhere else. I tried to open the lid, but it was stuck. We all tried at once, but it still wouldn’t budge.