Chapter 18

Chapter 18


“Great! Now we’re stuck!” complained Wyatt.

“Don’t give up. We will have to find another exit. Just keep walking through the paths,” I said. 

We walked and walked until there was an opening. We were about to crawl out of the opening, when we heard a familiar man’s voice.

“What are you doing?” the man asked, with his face covered up by a shadow.

“Who are you?” Ernest asked bravely. The man chuckled. He got out of the shadow. His face was covered with a German gas mask.

“You’re a soldier here to kill us!” Wyatt said, scared. The man removed his gas mask. It was Rob!

“Rob! You’re alive!” Finn exclaimed.

“How’d you survive?” I asked.

“You guys buried me in a hole that lead me here.”

“How could you breathe when we buried you underground?”

“Not only does this mask protect from gas, but it gives you air, too,” he explained.

“You were bleeding and covered in burns too,” Mary said.

“I used a med kit from one of the dead soldiers to heal me.”

“Whoa! Cool!” Wyatt exclaimed.

“Not that cool. That means that the Germans have even better tech,” Rob said, getting up. I thought he was dead, but he was standing right there. He’s not a ghost. He led us out of the sewers. We climbed up a ladder and were back on the streets.

“Where will we go?” asked Ava.

“We gotta get to Colorado, so we can evacuate to Asia,” he said.

“Is there a war going on there?” Mary asked.

“Only in Korea and Japan, but we are at peace with them, so it will be peaceful,” he answered.

“How will we get there?” Finn asked.

“We will fly to Washington and then, from there, we will take a boat to Asia.”

“But, that will take forever!” Wyatt retorted.

“Remember, we have American technology.”

“Then, how long will it take?” responded Wyatt.

“The boat ride will take two weeks.”

“That’s too long. By then our enemies will have control. We need to fight!” Wyatt said.

“No,” Rob said.

“You heard what I said.” 

“That is the stupidest idea ever! Just shut up Wyatt!” Finn said.

“Why would you do that?” asked Ava.

“So we can get to the German base and get rid of them!”

“You are just a bunch of kids!” Rob yelled. His words echoed in the area.

“Guys, let’s go,” said Wyatt. We followed him.

“I think Rob is right. We could get killed, or have Rob die for real this time,” said Mary.

“I would rather die in honor than run with my life! If it means saving North America, then I will do it.”

“That, is straight up stupid!” I exclaimed.

“You will not die in honor, if you are just a kid, not a soldier. Only soldiers die in honor. We are not stopping this war! We are evacuating. If you die, you will be remembered by no one. Your family died, didn’t they? They can’t remember you. What are you gonna be remembered for? Being shot by a gun? That is stupid. You’re saying that you want to die, rather than live?” Rob yelled.

Wyatt was disappointed. He shoved me out of the way and ran away. I looked in the direction of where Wyatt went and ran after him yelling his name. He soon disappeared into a forest. I went into the forest trying to find him, but he wouldn’t show up. I ran out of the forest and stared at my friends blankly.

“What if the soldiers took him and kidnapped him?” Ernest worried. 

“He is probably in a house,” Rob said optimistically. We checked all of the houses. Wyatt wasn’t there. Now, I was really worried. Soldiers marched down the street. The same black soldiers were now standing several feet in front of us.