Chapter 25

Chapter 25

We’re Alive!

I actually thought we were going to die! When Ernest was about to get shot, I thought I lost him. I was so happy that we are alive. I literally tackled him when I realized he was alive. 

We left with Eric. Eric explained that we were in Colorado. The airport was about one hundred miles away. Eric found a big truck and drove us to the airport. Wyatt sat in the front with Eric. The rest of us sat in the back. 

I unbandaged my arm to look at it. It wasn’t any better. I bet, when that soldier twisted it, he made it worse. My arm was hurting even more. Ava helped me wrap my arm back up. 

The fresh air felt great! I got my phone out and took a selfie of all of us on the truck. I got my backpack out and offered people some snacks. Wyatt said he moved to our school from Colorado. He knows this area very well. He said he had lots of friends here. He started telling funny stories about what happened to him here. The stories got me tired and I fell asleep.


I woke up and we were at the airport. I expected more people, but there were only a several thousand people. It is currently 2039. The population in the U.S. as of the beginning of 2035 was four hundred and seventy million and only two hundred and fifty million thousand people of those people remain. Hopefully, there were more survivors already in Asia. Even worse, a majority of those people were Mexican and Canadian. That meant there were even less Americans here.

I was seated in the plane. We didn’t need tickets because we were evacuating. We were seated randomly. We were lucky enough to get in first class. I was seated next to Ava. In front of me were Ernest and Wyatt. Behind us were Finn and Mary. Beside us were Eric and Jacy. 

We have been flying for about an hour, when our plane started shaking violently. The intercom said that the engine of our left wing has broken down. I looked through the window. Two of the giant raven creatures were flying beside the plane’s right wing. Several other planes with survivors were flying at that time, and even more of the strange birds, were surrounding them. 

Ava was sleeping, so I woke her up. We quickly got up and tried to warn others. All of a sudden, the plane flipped over twice. We all ran to the very back of the plane. The plane was leaning forward and crashing. There was a bathroom at the very back of plane, so we all went in there. The plane crashed. We got a couple of bruises and scrapes and a man broke his arm, but nothing serious happened. A lady with short blonde hair said she was a nurse, and could help the man.

Because the plane dove forward, half of it was buried into the ground. That meant that the plane was sticking out of the ground, standing almost vertically. 

“Which state are we in, now?” Ava asked.

“Don’t know,” said Mary. 

I opened the bathroom door. I tried to get out, but the plane was  sticking out of the ground vertically now. Eric and I said we should go out and explore while my friends, the nurse, the injured man, and another man named Mario stayed in the bathroom. I tried to climb my way down the plane, but it was hard because my arm really hurt. 

I thought of something. I climbed my way back up to the bathroom. There should be an exit somewhere in the plane. I looked to the other bathroom and opened it. An emergency door was there. I told Eric about it and he climbed back up to the bathroom.

I went through the emergency door and climbed onto the roof of the plane and everyone followed except the man with the broken arm. I was slipping down the plane, so I had to hold myself in place. I got my phone out and checked where we were. It claimed that we were only in Idaho. We were so close to Washington! I looked at the date. It said that the war started one and a half month ago. A lot has happened since then. I found my way out of the plane. It turned out that we crashed in a forest.

Wyatt got very excited and said he loved forests (I don’t know why).

I just went through the plane and got food. Finn got out and pulled Mary out of the plane. I turned around and pulled Ava out. She ran and started climbing the same tree as Wyatt was. I rolled my eyes and saw Ernest, sitting on a tree stump, talking to himself as he sniffed a strange looking leaf. Then he licked. Ernest could be kind of weird sometimes. That’s probably why no one likes to hang out with him.

I was bored and wanted to talk to someone. Wyatt was climbing the trees, so I couldn’t talk to him. Ernest was whispering to himself about card games. Ava, Jacy, and Mary were talking about  other things. Mario was talking to Eric, so the only person I could talk to was Finn. We just talked about soccer and which team was the best.