Chapter 26

Chapter 26


Eric checked the other survivors, but there were none. Now, we were literally the last survivors left. If we were killed, then that guy, Fra— I forgot his name, but anyway he would’ve gotten the serum file thingy. We had to get to Washington and board that ship. 

I quickly got down from climbing, and started running in a random direction. 

“Where are you going?” Dylan yelled. 

“We can’t waste any time!” I yelled. At this point everyone looked at me. No one did anything, so I kept running. 

“Hey!” Dylan yelled. He caught up to me. Dylan pointed in the opposite direction. “Washington is that way.”

“Oops!” Everyone laughed at me. I blushed and ignored them. I turned and went the way Dylan was pointing. Eventually, the rest of the survivors caught up to me. We were all running. Ernest was behind because he was weak. He ran in a weird way and accidentally ran into a tree. I looked around at everyone’s reaction. Then, I realized that Finn was missing. 

“Finn!” I bursted out. Everyone looked around. He was gone.

“Maybe he’s dead,” Mary thought, pessimistically.

“No!” I refused. I was not going to have another person die. I ran around everywhere.

“Just accept it, Wyatt!” Ava yelled at him. 

“This isn’t the first time someone has died and it isn’t the last!” I can’t accept this. I turned in every direction, hoping to find Finn. As I turned, I saw the sad faces of my friends. 

“Just stop, Wyatt. He’s probably dead by now. He’s gone! Deal with it,” Dylan said as he looked at the ground and shook his head. 

I fell to my knees and cried. The nurse walked towards me and tried to comfort me. It didn’t work. We trudged on through the forest. We didn’t rush. Instead we walked slowly and tried not to think about Finn. Even though Ernest wasn’t that much of Finn’s friend, he cried. He bursted out crying. Listening to Ernest crying made me more sad. I couldn’t stop thinking of the death of Finn. Then, I realized Eric was gone, too. All of a sudden, Mary said she got a text from Finn.