Chapter 37

Chapter 37

New Shelter

I woke up about 6:30 am, but the light already glistened through the curtains. I walked sleepily out of the hotel room and I went downstairs to have breakfast. I ate a delicious meal of eggs and rice and headed back to my room to find Ava talking on the phone. She put the phone down and told me what happened. 

“The Prime Minister is taking us to a new private shelter. He already has Finn, Wyatt and Jacy.” We got ready and woke up the others. Dylan left his room door open. I walked in and kicked him. He didn’t budge, so I kicked him again. He woke up in confusion. I told him what happened. He said he was going to get ready. I left the room with Ava and we waited for Dylan to come out. He ran out of his hotel room and told us that he was ready. 

“What about Ernest?” Ava asked. 

“Oh, right! I forgot about him.” 

Twenty minutes later Ernest came out pushing his glasses up to his nose. We sat outside the hotel and waited for the Prime Minister to come and pick us up. Eventually, a limo came up into the hotel’s driveway. The limo’s door opened revealing Mary, Finn, Jacy, Wyatt, and the Prime Minister alongside Secretary Saito and two soldiers. We hopped in the long car and drove off. 

“Mr. Novachez, we have your phone securely locked up in a facility that almost no one will be able to penetrate.” I didn’t like the way that he said almost. 

“We are planning to have it terminated,” the Prime Minister said. Dylan nodded without saying anything. 

Eventually, we stopped at a certain place. It seemed like a scientific kind of place. 

“This is my laboratory. Here, we will extract the files and find a secure way to destruct your phone,” Akamine said. 

“Can’t we just smash it with a hammer?” Wyatt asked, being destructive

“No. With the new German technology, they could bring the phone back to its original form, go through its history, and find the files,” Akamine explained. 

“Where will you place the files once you extract them?” Ernest questioned. 

“The location of a supercomputer is unknown to the Nazis,” Secretary Saito replied. 

We walked through the front door. The room was filled with tables, important papers, safety glasses, and millions of lab coats. A scientist strode up to us and bowed at Prime Minister Akamine. He was slim, dark haired, and looked caucasian. He had a lanyard around his neck. Judging from the badge on his lanyard, he had worked here for about 20 years. 

The badge read,

Established Aug. 26, 2030

John C. Keely

Lab 7


“This is Doctor Keely. He operates Level Nine. Level Nine operates extermination. Normally, they exterminate dangerous chemicals. Right now, they have to exterminate or erase this phone from existence,” he explained. Doctor Keely motioned for us to follow him. 

We took an elevator to the ninth floor. When we got to ninth floor, we walked down the hall. We kept walking until we arrived at a door that read “Lab 7”. Dr. Keely opened the door. The room was filled with yet, more scientists. Desks were arranged in rows and columns. There were ten rows and ten columns. Each desk had two scientists sitting. 

“How long do you think this will take?” Ava asked Dylan.

“I don’t know, but I am hoping less than an hour,” Dylan said. 

“Yeah, I agree. I don’t wanna sit here all day,” I replied.

We headed for the front of the room, where there seemed to be an extremely large computer. We walked up to it and the scientist at that computer asked for the phone. Dr. Keely gave him the phone, and he put it in a weird case that looked almost like rubber. A scientist picked up the phone and slid it into a device beside the huge computer. There was a small capsule beside the computer. As we were watching, the phone slid into the capsule, but the phone case was no longer on it. Some robotic hands took the phone apart and removed the memory chip. The other phone parts were rejected out of the machine and placed it in a trash can. After that, another scientist took the memory chip out of the computer.

The scientist then walked over to the other side of the computer He put the data onto a USB drive, walked down a couple rows, and transferred the files onto another computer. 

“All right children! The Prime Minister will lead out of this room. We have important business to do!” 

We left the room, with the Prime Minister.

Suddenly, I heard an explosion and a siren. I ran with the others towards the exit. 

“Uh oh,” I said. I broke off from the group and ran towards the scientist.

“Mary! What are you doing?” Ava yelled.

“Getting Code Leben!” I yelled back at her. I ran to the computer and pulled out the USB drive. We heard another big explosion and the chopping of helicopter blades. A helicopter lowered itself into the underground complex. I stared in horror as I saw the same black suited soldiers in the doorway. They held their guns in ready position. Shots were heard. The front glass doors shattered. I dove behind a flipped over table. Jacy was already sitting there, with her hands covered in blood. The beakers on the table were broken and the shards must have cut her hands up. She took a glimpse of the soldiers. She started to hyperventilate, so I had to cover her mouth. I saw red beams of light, bolting through the air. I watched all of the scientists run in terror. With my other hand, I grasped the USB drive out of my pocket. They probably tracked the files here.

“Get out of the way, kid!” I heard a muffled, but stern voice yell. Soon, I saw that the voice had come from a soldier at the end of the hall. I jumped out of the way just as I heard the hiss of a gas gun release behind me and the soldier in front of me shoot. 

Nazis. They were here.