Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Caught in the War

The soldiers took us to a helicopter. The vehicle pulled away. I watched as the other soldiers fell to the ground. The ride took about two hours. We finally landed in a huge field. It was covered in mud and dirt. 

The soldiers led us to a trench in the ground. The soldiers looked busy. They were gearing up. That’s when I realized that we were in a war zone and a battle was going to start soon. I gave Mary a worried look. 

Some soldiers stuck their heads out of the muddy trench. They had binoculars. 

“Enemy! I see enemy!” a man shouted. 

“Grease em’!” another yelled. A siren played loudly. I saw soldiers rush throughout the trench. They stuck their heads out once again and aimed their guns at a random direction. I heard a gun fire. That one gunshot caused millions of bullets to rain down on us. I heard men grunt as they fell to the ground. I heard a giant whistle. People screamed, 

“Watch out! It’s a big one!” I didn’t know what they meant until a loud “BOOM!” came in. It was a bomb.

A person cried, “My eyes! My eyes! I can’t see!” they then started to scream. The ground shook. Mud and rocks came falling into the trench we were in. A big boulder was diving through the sky about to hit Mary. I dove and knocked her out of the way before that rock hit her. I heard more shots explode across the valley like thunder. A woman in front of us was shooting desperately, but dropped her gun and ran for mercy when a gas bomb landed on the ground a few meters in front of her. It released the yellow gas. The woman was not quick enough so that she fell to the ground with several other Japanese troops. After the cloud cleared, I noticed they were standing once again. They seemed different though. I don't know why, but something seemed wrong. I was surprised when the soldiers turned and shot their own comrades, killing them with no mercy right in front of us. 

The fight continued for what seemed like ages before ending. There were countless soldiers everywhere, but I saw more dead bodies than alive. There were about ten thousand soldiers left. A soldier turned on his walkie-talkie. Those were used in the old days. The last time those were used was about 20 years ago. I wasn’t sure why the soldier wasn’t using an iPhone XV deluxe or the Google Infinity 2. That’s what most people used in these days. He pressed a button and asked who it was. 

After the person on the intercom got an answer, he turned to his comrades and told them, “It’s the Prime Minister!” Everyone seemed surprised. The soldiers continued listening and eventually got the information they needed. 

“He says that Nazis have evaded back to sea. He also wants us to transport those kids back to him at the secondary government facility,” he pointed at us. 

“The primary one has been evacuated after the attack. They are still cleaning up the mess.” 

The soldiers spoke some more to each other. Mary took a USB drive out of her pocket. Without saying anything, she handed it to me. I knew that it was Code Leben. I read her mind. She wanted me to give it to Dylan. I handed the files to Dylan. He gave me that, “Is this it?” face. I nodded. He nodded back and shoved the thing down his pocket. 

We were ushered out by some soldiers. We walked down the long trench. We dodged dead bodies on the ground, everywhere. We were taken to a helocarrier. We hopped in and rode it somewhere. I almost fell asleep on the helocarrier, when a big rumble was heard. The whole vehicle shook. I looked out the window. Franz was on a jet! He pressed a few buttons and opened the cockpit. 

He probably had autopilot on. He stood there, on top of the jet, while it was still flying. He held out the same gun from earlier. He pointed it straight at me. I quickly got down. Shots rang out. The door broke off and flew away into the sky. He shot again. 

At the last encounter with the Nazi leader, he explained the gun heated the bullets up before they were fired, so the bullets set the side of the helocarrier on fire! We all went to one side of the ship. With the broken door and window, we were being sucked out, like a vacuum. I held on to a seatbelt, so I wouldn’t get sucked out in the air. Ernest was weak and couldn’t hold on any longer. He let go. I grabbed his arm tightly. I wasn’t going to let that little nerd die. Ernest’s glasses flew out. Franz caught the glasses and examined them. With one hand, he crushed the glasses. He put the glasses in his palm and shattered them. He held his hand out and let go of the glasses. They went soaring through the air. That got Dylan riled up. 

“You little bi—” Franz shot again. He was really good at aiming. His shot hit the seatbelt I was holding on to. I panicked and let go. I shoved Ernest toward Dylan. He grasped Ernest’s skinny arm. I was about to go out the door. I held onto the edge of the vehicle tightly and pulled myself back to my friends.I got a grip of a seatbelt and held tightly. Franz’s jet pulled away. I climbed my way to the the pilot’s door. I climbed in with the others. The pilots told us that they were going to break off from the rest of the ship before the fire got to us.