Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Eric or Klaus?

On my radar, I saw the signal. I had to fake my death to get back to Franz. He was in a submarine under the ship. Franz and I planned this whole thing. I had bags filled with red dye on the underside of my jacket. When I was dropped into the water, I released the dye to make it seem I was dead. I quickly swam under the ship to find Franz’s sub. I knocked on the window of the sub. Franz looked at me and nodded, pointing up. He pointed to the top door to get in the sub. I got in through the door and shut it. The water drained into this other room and I walked through another door. Franz was already sitting there, waiting for me.

“Hello, Klaus,” Franz said. I was drenched in water.

“I sent that beast to retrieve you.”

“I already know. I saw the signal on my navigational radar device.”

“Good. Anyways, what happened?” 

“I spoke with General Lang. He discussed that he was going to capture the children.”

“Excellent,” Franz made a hand signal and our sub went zooming away back to our base. If I wanted to satisfy Franz I needed to capture those kids as soon as possible. It was time to reveal my identity to those puny little kids.