Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Dinosaurs Are Back

Night was coming. It was getting dark. We had landed for the night in a large sandy plane far from Tokyo, and had to build a camp for the night. I was cold and tired The injury on my arm hurt very badly. It was hard to sleep that night. My arm was killing me. I tossed and turned. But I couldn’t fall asleep. 

At about 3:00 in the morning, I got out of the scrappy cheap sleeping bag and sat up. Everyone else was asleep. I went for a stroll down the sandy beach kicking rocks and shells about. I did this for about half an hour. 

“Whad’ya doin’?” I turned and saw Wyatt. 

“Oh, just out for a stroll,” I said. He glared at me. 

“What’s really wrong?” 

“Don’t you worry about your family?” I questioned. 

Wyatt patted me on the back, “Everyone does.” 

“I had a dream,” I confessed. “It was more like a nightmare.” 

Wyatt looked me in the eyes. 

“What happened?” I sighed and explained my dream I had the day after the attack. 

“He didn’t kill them,” Wyatt assured me. 

“He’s controlling them with some sort of secret gas. I don’t know how it works. But if Ernest was here, he could tell you,” I chuckled at that. 

“Dude, you aren’t the only one who’s afraid,” I sighed and looked at my feet. 

Suddenly, a large piercing shriek echoed across the beach making me and Wyatt jump. It wasn’t human, though. 

“We need to go tell everyone!” Wyatt exclaimed. 

“NOW!” We ran back to the camp. 

I ran into the soldier pavilion. 

“Something’s out there!!” I yelled. One soldier woke up sleepily and asked for us to get back to bed. 

“No, really something’s out there!” Wyatt told the soldier. 

“Ok, ok!” the soldier said getting up and heading out to the edge of the beach, listening carefully to the sound we had heard. It came after about thirty seconds. That loud shrill noise that sounded like a cross between an eagle and a tree frog. 

“Get everyone awake, Now!” the soldier commanded us peering through large binoculars, looking for what had made that call. 

We ran to the soldier’s pavilion and woke them up. They quickly sounded a horn to wake the other survivors. The soldiers pulled down the pavilion, loaded it on trucks, and hopped in. 

“Everyone get in a truck!!” a Japanese commander said through the translating megaphone that General Lang had. 

We hopped on a truck as a soldier got into the driver's seat. The truck was one of those big ones that had five seats. 

“When will those Nazis stop attacking!” I cursed. The soldier claimed there was another survivor left behind, but no one was there. A gunshot was heard. The soldier fell to the ground. Finn looked in horror. There were no soldiers to drive the truck. Finn ran into the driver’s spot.

All of a sudden, another shriek pierced the air.

“What was that!” Wyatt hissed.

I shrugged and held up a finger to shush him.

I looked all around for what had made the noise nothing. Just then, I heard a loud rustling sound and more shrieks. But there wasn’t just one shriek, but there were multiple. I turned and squinted down the barren plain.

That’s when I saw it. A whole stampede of non-humanoid creatures. I could barely make out their appearance, but there was one thing I knew about them. There were thousands of them.