Chapter 42

Chapter 42

The Final Battle

I awoke when a searing pain entered my arm. I opened my eyes to see a man with plump features in a lab coat, overseeing me. 

“What’s happening?” I questioned the man.

 “I’m Doctor Quinn,” the man answered. 

“Franz needs the information, so I just put a little something in your system.”

 “What do you mean by a little something?” I tried to scowl, but it came as a whimper. 

“Truth serum, that’s all,” the man said. “Nothing painful.”

 I tried to sit up from where I was lying, but found I was restrained. 

“Don’t worry,” he assured me though I continued feeling scared and angry.

 I yelled, “Somebody!”






“Do not scream,” the man said. 

“We just want to know where this serum is. Code Leben.”

I shrugged off the urge to tell him, but the sensation kept coming back. 

“I—I—It’s with The Pri—” I stopped myself before I could say anymore. 

“Who?” interrogated the man. 

“The Prime — Mi-Mi-Min—”

“Good,” said the doctor. “Thank you for your help.”

He left. I lied down there looking at the ceiling, scared of what would happen next. 

“The Prime Minister,” I heard Doctor Quinn tell someone else. 

“I’ll get it to the commander in chief as soon as possible,” another voice commented. 

I heard footsteps as the messenger took the information and left. Doctor Quinn came back. 

“See,” he said. 

“Wasn’t that hard. All this fighting could have stopped way earlier if you told us the first time you were here. Why didn’t you give it to us in the first place?”

Code Leben has a flaw,” I told him.

 The doctor hesitated. “What flaw?”

“The scientist who was working on it couldn’t fix it.” 

Doctor Quinn looked confused. 

“What? What couldn’t he fix?”

“If Code Leben isn’t properly infused in a body, it could start a plague.”

“What kind of plague?”

“A plague that could wipe out the whole of the world.” 

Doctor Quinn’s eyes got big. 


I nodded slowly. 

“Well it doesn’t matter. We must do it,” Franz entered the room. Dr. Quinn walked towards Franz. He said something about the files. 

Franz exclaimed, “Get ready! Set course for the Prime Minister!” 

Soldiers marched down the hall. Franz left the room. Dr. Quinn waited for a few seconds and then he got me out of the restraints. 

“You have to go!” he cocked a pistol in his hand.

“I will kill Franz myself. That plague could wipe out all of humanity. I need the files!” 

I didn’t trust him, so I fled the room. I looked throughout the other rooms. My friends were all stuck, too. Eventually, I got everyone else out and we snuck around.

“C’mon,” I told the others. We raced down the hall in the direction where I saw Franz go and we came to a stop when we saw soldiers at the end of the hall. We hid in a containment room and waited until they walked around the corner. 

We crept down the corridors of the aircraft until we saw Franz climbing a ladder into the ceiling. We climbed up it onto the deck of the giant aircraft. Once we got to the top of the ladder, Franz was halfway across the platform. We crept up behind Franz sneak past him. We were about to strike, when Franz turned to face us with his Pressurized Gewehr cocked and ready, like he knew we were there all along. He aimed the thing at me. 

“You think you can escape without me knowing?” he said. 

“But how did you know we got out?” I asked. 

“How did I know?” Franz grinned. “Let’s say, I have a spy.”  

I frowned. 

“You may have already met him,” Franz continued. “Come and join us, lad. Will you?” A man climbed up the ladder and once at the top and brushed his military suit off with a handkerchief. 

“Hey, mates,” the man said in a deep Scottish accent. It was Eric.

“You traitor!” I yelled.

“I believe you are the traitor here,” Eric said.

“Klaus has been helping me constantly throughout this war, making preparations, telling me information of your whereabouts and whether you had the files or not. I owe him,” Franz commented.

Klaus? He had even lied to us about his name, too. I thought he was kind like Rob, but no this man was a wretched Nazi spy that had lied to me this whole time. 

“But you died,” I said. 

“Oh no, he didn’t,” Franz said. 

“Let’s just say, he faked his death. He pretended to be weak towards A3, when he knew just how to kill the apparition with a signal blow. It’s in the eyes. Right, Klaus? Right above the third jaw bone.” Klaus nodded without saying a word. 

“Now, let’s end this once and for all,” Franz held up his pistol, his finger on the trigger. 

“Wait!” cried Finn. 

I looked at him. A look of fright and regret was upon his face. 

“Franz, look at yourself,” Finn said. 

Franz kept a straight face. 

“Would your family have wanted this?” Finn continued. 

“If I were you, I wouldn’t want my family to see me this — this evil.” Franz frowned at us. 

“I will not waste all this time and effort for one comment,” he growled and was about to pull the trigger. But he didn’t. His teeth were gritted. He seemed to be trying to shoot, but at the same time did not want to. His hands were shaking violently. 

“You will have to die!” he yelled. 

“You have taken my life from me!” he roared and aimed the pistol at Finn’s head. 

He did not pull the trigger, though. And then I noticed something. Franz was crying. Tears were running down his face. They were streaming in the wind behind him as his sobs carried on. An emotion spread onto his face that I had never seen before.

“You are right,” he murmured as his gun shook and then lowered it.  

“This is not who I am.”

“Don’t believe them! Franz,” Klaus growled. 

“They would be proud that you are honoring them,” Franz glared at him. 

“I’m sorry, Klaus. This is beyond what should have come of me. I’ve become a monster.”

“All this way I’ve helped you, and this turns to be nothing. You’re just going to give up?”

Franz frowned and then turned to Klaus.


Klaus became raging mad. And then a smile spread across his face. 

“I will have to do this on my own, then,” he smirked reaching for his pistol upon his belt, cocking it, pointing it at Mary. He pulled the trigger.

“Mary!” Ava cried.

“Klaus, you idiot!” yelled Franz pulling the trigger of his Pressurized Gewehr. It missed, flew through the air, and hit the turbine on the side of the aircraft. 

Most bullets would probably bounce off it, but this bullet’s heat allowed it to pass through the thick metal and inside. I heard the turbine screech and come to a stop. 

“Oops,” Franz said his face turning white. He quickly cocked his gun again. The ship started tipping forward towards the sea below. Franz shot again and this time it hit. Now the ship was starting to soar through the sky, downwards.  

Klaus was still smiling as a bullet protruded through his arm splattering blood everywhere.

“Franz Hitler,” Klaus said. 

“Begone.” Klaus Stefan had pulled the trigger of his gun and a bullet blasted through the air, piercing Franz in the heart.

“Goodbye,” Klaus said and his eyes slipped shut. 

Then, he leaned backwards and fell off the ship, falling into the ocean below. Meanwhile Franz was bleeding a lot, making gagging noises. 

“My time has come,” he croaked quietly, his voice cracking. 

“No!!” I screamed. 

No one else is going to die. I’ve had too much of it. My family, Mary, Rob. Everyone! I ran to Franz and bent down on my knees. 

“Please don’t die! Don’ t die! Don’t die!” I was losing my voice and tears were streaming down my face. 

“Somebody help us!” I yelled my voice cracking. Both Mary and Franz were shot and the giant aircraft was falling.

“We have two injured people!” Wyatt called, too, with his voice not yet cracking. 

“We need help! A medic! Someone!” I looked at Finn. He was sitting upon the metal ground of “Das Monströs Flugzeug”, his face pale with one single tear dripping down his face.

“Mary,” he muttered. 

“She can’t be.” 

I wiped the tears from my face and said, “It’s alright Finn, we’re getting help.”

Finn looked up.

“Klaus!!” he roared. 

“It was him! He needs to die for what he has done. Die!!” 

I tried to calm him down, but his rage continued.

“Lemme try,” Ava said holding up her hand to quiet me.

As Ava talked to Finn, I watched over Mary, more and more blood gushing forth. And then I heard Franz talk. 

“Dylan,” he said. 

“Yes,” I said wiping the tears from my eyes. 

“Everyone affected by the gas can be turned back,” Hitler stated. 

He reached his shaking hand inside his pocket and pulled forth a tube with a bluish liquid inside, handing it to me. 

“Take it. Use it. It is my time,” Franz said trying to bring forth a smile. And then, Franz closed his eyes, heading into eternal sleep. 

“No!!!” Finn yelled racing over to Mary. She was gone, too. This couldn’t be happening. It just couldn’t. Finn was still yelling at the top of his lungs.

“Klaus was a traitor! An idiot! He did this to us all!! He had no mercy! He was doing this all for his own good,” Finn was on his knees, punching the metal ground over and over. 

His fists were now as red as a strawberry.

“Finn calm down,” Ava was saying.

“No, Ava!” Finn yelled. 

“Mary is dead! Why aren’t you sad?!” Ava sighed. 

“Yes, I am, but I have to control my anger and sadness. I have to move on.” 

Though it seemed she was trying to be brave and stern, her last words were cracking and tears were welling up inside her eyes. We were about to fall into the cold ocean, when a helocarrier came and pick us up as soon the ship splashed into the water.