Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Colorado or Not, Here we Come

The police took us to the garage and drove us away. Suddenly, out of nowhere, about twenty masked men jumped out and fired at will. With the police driving our car, we all, with Ava screaming at the top of her lungs, jumped out of the car. I was never more scared ever in my life. Before all of this, I thought jumping out of a car driving at fifty miles per hour was crazy. I still do, but it was necessary at that point.

The creatures started coming as the police cars all exploded one by one from the shots of the Nazis. I was looking around when I noticed that nobody was there. Neither was anybody else. Just Wyatt, who was running towards me. The mutant things charged at us. There was a forest nearby on the side of the road, so I ran towards it. I found everyone else sitting behind some trees in the forest. They were silent. 

I went behind a tree and peeked at the mutants. They looked confused and walked in the opposite direction. They broke through car windows, hoping we would be in one of them. Wyatt peeked his head out. He took a small step to get a good view. He stepped on a broken tree branch. It made a loud noise. The monsters stopped what they were doing and stared in our direction. 

We wouldn’t have been caught, but Wyatt, being idiotic, screamed loudly. The beasts ran after us. I turned and ran without looking back. I heard the monsters make loud noises. 

I heard some trees fall down to the ground. Those beasts were so strong that they could run right through the trees. Some of the beasts were fast enough to get close to us. They kept breaking down the trees. We had to dodge all of the trees that fell down. Loud shrieks were made. I couldn’t tell if they were my friends’ screams or the monsters’. Ahead of me, I saw a big hollow log on the ground. I quickly crawled into it. 

The monsters tried to break through the log. Cracks were forming in it and holes were made. As the holes formed, beams of light shot through at me. I knew eventually they would break the log. They could take down trees! As they tried to break the log, I crawled out the other end and found my friends. They found a tree with really low branches, so they started to climb it. I followed and climbed with them. The tree seemed endless. I climbed a safe distance and stopped. I heard the monsters run off continuously. After they couldn’t be heard anymore, I got down with everyone else and ran in a different direction. I found a section of the woods with almost no trees. It was like having a huge amount of hairs and one bald spot in the middle of your head. My friends and I rested there for a while and kept walking.