Book 2: Chapter 1

Chapter 1


I was dreaming of my family. When would I be able to go see them again. America was giving me the creeps. Work hard and you will go home soon, I thought to myself. That gave me courage, and so I straightened my back, ready for anything. Nothing was going to interfere with the Reconstruction. However, as I stood there, waiting for an intruder to come I noticed, who would go trying to break into a Reconstruction site. What was the point? Plus, who would be dumb enough to try to get past one of us guards. 

However, I was awoke from my deep thoughts by a rustling nearby in the bushes. 

Thinking it was another soldier, I said 


“You will die soldier,” said a raspy voice.

As fast as lightning, I raised my gun and pointed into the darkness. 

“Who goes there?” I asked mustering up a stern voice, even though I was scared to death. “Show yourself!” I commanded, my voice wavering slightly. 

“Sure,” said the voice. Out came a figure in a dark cloak. A mask cloaked the man’s face. The mask was a bright white that glowed through the darkness of the night and two long horns like those of a rams stuck out from the top. I shot the bullets ringing out through the forest. The figure didn’t seemed harmed by it. It lunged forward knocking the me to the ground. The masked man’s red cloak had fallen off and I could see a bullet proof vest on the man’s body.

“Whad’ya want!?” I yelled. 

You dead,” the cloaked figure hissed. Behind the masked body I could see more soldier like figures coming forward with the same mask as the first one. They were all carrying weaponry, mostly guns, cocked and ready to kill.

I ripped one arm from the man’s grip and reached up to my intercom, pressing the button. “Attackers,” I choked. “Deploy the defenses.”

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