Book 2: Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Getting Rob Back

We waited for the soldiers to get far enough so they wouldn’t be able to notice us. They put a sack on Rob’s head, so he wouldn’t be able to see. We quietly followed them to another military camp. There was a tent with a sign on it that read, “PRISONERS”. 

“You think Rob’s in there?” Finn asked. 

“I don’t see any other tents that say ‘PRISONERS’ on them so, he should be in there,” Wyatt reasoned.

We snuck into the tent when no one was watching. Prisoners were everywhere. Some were dead and lying on the ground. Some were sleeping. There was a kid our age in there too. Rob was sitting in a cell looking around. We went to get him out, but obviously the cell was locked. The kid our age was in the next cell.

“Who are you?” she questioned.

“We are survivors from this war,” I said.

“Who are you?” asked Ernest pointing his finger at her.

“I’m Jacy,” she said.

“Why are you here?” Ava asked.

“Where are your parents?” Mary questioned. 

“Stop spitting questions at her and be quiet. We can’t be caught,” I said. 

“My parents were killed and I was put here,” she spoke.

“We’ll get you out. Don’t worry,” Ernest said to cheer her up. 

“The keys are over there on that table,” Jacy pointed to a desk right beside the door. 

I walked over and grabbed a keychain from the desk. I jammed the keys into lock and motioned for Jacy to get out. I unlocked everyone else’s cells too. They all got out of their cells and quickly ran out. We ran to the entrance, but the gates were closed. Soldiers were running to us with their creepy gas masks. The prisoners started to beat up the soldiers and took their guns. The prisoners started shooting back. Some of the prisoners were shot or wounded.

My friends and I started climbing the gates. Jacy looked scrawny and skinny, probably because the soldiers didn’t feed the prisoners. She didn’t have much strength, so we helped her climb over the gates. We were safe, but the prisoners would die instantly. There was a lever, so Wyatt went over to pull it. The door opened and prisoners came running through with weapons. We couldn’t find Rob in the crowd. We took a glimpse in the camp. Rob was there, but he was on the ground yelling in agony. Smoke rose from his chest. 

Rob was shot by a soldier! I made eye contact with the soldier who shot Rob. I glared at him. He looked innocent. I was so mad, but he looked guilty. One of the prisoners shot him. An adult prisoner ushered us away. We were running away. Every once in a while we turned to look back, hoping Rob would be behind us, but we knew he would be long gone by now.

“Where is Rob?” he asked Wyatt. Wyatt was speechless. All of a sudden he fainted and fell to the ground. Finn shook his head with a grim face.

“Well, don’t waste time. Let’s go escape from those soldiers,” he said. 

He carried Wyatt on his back and ran with us. We kept running and dodging gunshots everywhere. I was so scared, thinking I would get shot.