Book 2: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Reassembling the gang

Me: Hey Ava…

Ava: Yeaho

Me: Can we meet somewhere?

Ava: Why?

Me: Ernest and I need to tell you something

Ava: Ok

Me: Meet us at the Starbucks on Main St. tomorrow at 10:00?

Ava: That works for me

Me: Oh and can you try to get Finn, Jacy, and Wyatt?

Ava:  sure

Me: What’s wrong?

Ava: Nothin

Me: You just don’t seem that excited about getting the crew back together

Ava: Just shut up and I’ll do it.

Me: Ok, see you there

Ava: Whatever




I was so excited. I haven’t seen my friends in months. The next day Ernest and I took the bus to Starbucks. 

We slipped in and found Ava and Jacy at a table. Ava was no longer blonde and had light brown hair with bright blue eyes. She held a cup of coffee in her hand, and her eyes were drooping, indicating a bad night sleep. A sad expression was upon her face. Jacy was a tall girl with long dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had freckles all over her face, and a kind, sweet smile. She was waiting anxiously and waved for us to come to her when she saw us. Ernest and I walked over and sat down. 

“Hi,” I said.

“Dylan Novachez,” Ava said, without looking up from here coffee. “Didn’t think I’d see you ever again. That was until yesterday. You brought back memories I tried to stow away, Dylan. You reminded me of eight years ago. Right as you said everyone’s name.” I frowned. That wasn’t the greeting I expected from her. 

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“Now tell me what you brought me here for,” she said, still frowning.

“We’ve been invited to Akamine’s funeral.”

Ava stuck her head into her hands.

“I’m sorry, Ava I didn’t mean to—”

“Just shut up, Dylan,” she said, standing up and striding out of the Starbucks. 

“Wait, I—” Ava turned towards me and slammed her coffee into me. I quickly caught the coffee before it spilled, but when she turned back and started walking, I dropped it, spilling it everywhere.

Jacy looked to me and Ernest. “I’m sorry. She’s been in a grim mood since yesterday. So...”

“So, how’ve you been?” Ernest asked.

“Fine,” she said. There was a long pause of silence. Jacy blushed.

“Do you think you can get Ava to come?” I asked Jacy.

“Sure,” she said.

“Could you guy’s not get Finn and Wyatt to come?”

“Nope. Wyatt, didn’t seem so interested. Finn, he just...”

She trailed off.

“We know what he must feel,” I said. “Ernest and I hung out with him, a week ago. He seemed to be acting happy, to see us, but I knew he was sad.”

Jacy stood up. “It’s been nice talking to you guys,” she said, as she walked to front door. “Oh, and about the funeral. I’ll come.”