Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Horrible Defeat

I told my coach that I had to leave practice early that evening. I walked back home as fast as I could, so I could start my homework as soon as possible and finish it as soon as possible. As soon as I got home, I called Ernest. As usual, it took a while before he answered. I told him to come over. He said he’d come and hung up. Soon enough he arrived on his oversized bicycle and we headed up to my room. Ernest helped me do the homework, but really he was just doing the whole thing for me. I shoved it into my backpack and started to fidget with my soccer ball. Ernest he had a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, so he had to leave. 

I woke up the next morning. It was seven and the big game was today. I quickly ate breakfast and scored some goals in my backyard. I got my stuff ready and headed out the door. The finals were local, so I didn’t need my parents to take me. I walked there and found my team practicing drills that I missed yesterday. I tried to pick up the drill, but I couldn’t manage to do it. 

Eventually, it was time to start the game. It was our ball, so I passed it to our defense. He passed it back and I dribbled to the goal and shot it, but missed because I didn’t fix my foot technique. I missed and kicked the ball out. The other team passed back and forth and scored a goal. I started the with the ball again and the other team scored a goal. 

The next goal they scored got the goalie injured. No one stepped up to be goalie, so they made me the goalie. I was good at goalie, but I was also good at offense. My team barely did anything without me as striker. None of them got even close to the other goal. On the bright side, I wouldn’t have to try those confusing drills. Maybe I could just wait until the coach called subs. When he called subs, Finn replaced me and went in goal. Some of the “Cool Kids” also went in, so our team was pretty solid. I sat on the bench as my team allowed another goal. Finn saved a few goals, but they still scored more. I knew eventually I would have to get back in the game, so I prepared myself. When I went in, I started with the ball. I passed it to the defense. I was expecting him to pass it back, but the other team took the ball and shot it at my face. It was probably an accident, but still I was nowhere near the goal!

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